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Our 2416 Display Case weighs less than 12 pounds and breaks down very quickly for storage or travel. To the best of our knowledge, these are the lightest display cases available on the market today... less than half the weight per volume of most other portable cases! Despite their light weight, these cases are elegant and durable enough to use as a permanent display.

If you are planning on traveling at all with your display cases broken down, we strongly recommend using our handy and durable storage bags. The individual components of the display case fit into separate compartments in the bags. The storage bag with a display case inside is only about 2 inches thick.

The tops of our display cases are made from a special abrasion resistant acrylic sheet that has the unmistakable appearance of polished glass. The abrasion resistant coating was developed by 3M and provides 45 times the mar resistance of untreated acrylic. Although it can still scratch, it can withstand the frequent cleaning needed to maintain an attractive display.

All of the individual components of the display cases are available for purchase separately on our website. We have priced the acrylic components very attactively so that they are affordable should you need to replace them. For just $70 you can replace the top and front of your case!

The sliding doors on the backs of our displays are lockable with the small brass lock provided and will help exclude both dust and unwanted fingers.
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